Who: All people who live, work and play in Royal Borough Kingston (with some targeted population groups including those who're socially excluded, isolated or vulnerable who do not meet the criteria for higher need services such as social care)

What: Connected Kingston is a system-wide social prescribing programme aiming to provide strength-based healthy conversations and connect people to local offers in their community (including healthy lifestyles services and local community social activities that improve wellbeing). It aims to increase social connections, reduce isolation and improve access to preventative and early interventions.
The model includes two levels of social prescribing that build on core self-care promotion:
Level 1 – Connected Kingston Champions - a variety of frontline workers providing empowered signposting (introductions to support services, often via the website).
Level 2 – Community Connectors - offering bespoke 1:1 guidance (up to 6 sessions) of higher-level social prescribing
Supported by:
Directory of services (+online referral) www.connectedkingston.uk
Face-to-face training and MECC (healthy conversation) e-learning)

The website referral system has been developed with many system-wide partners involved (including Council, CCG, Voluntary Sector) and was launched in March 2019.

Who is paying for the intervention and how much? The development of the website was paid by Homelessness Trailblazer funding. Public Health Kingston has led the steering group from inception and also commissions the local VCS infrastructure service to provide support to the voluntary sector to be part of Connected Kingston (including setting up community activities that could be on offer and training frontline workers in strength-based healthy conversations). 
The Community Connector (higher-level social prescribing element) has been paid for by the local CCG. This element, it is anticipated, will continue to be funded by NHS England as the 5 local Primary Network’s Link Worker provision.

The Timescale for implementation. We have a 2-year plan and intend to evidence our impact in all 3 areas (Community Champions workforce, ConnectedKingston.uk website referral platform and Community Connector service [higher-level social prescribers]) within this timeframe. 





contact:Martha Earley, Public Health Principal, Royal Borough of Kingston Council

email: martha.earley@kingston.gov.uk